Easter Sunday


We live with so many scenarios of the future in our tormented imagination that it’s hard and it takes time even for astonishingly good, life-changing news to sink in.
That the prophecy is fulfilled.
That the great divide has been bridged.
That we have a faithful friend, an advocate to help bring us to our full potential.
That we are free from the fear that kept us locked into the old cycles that took us nowhere.
That we have somewhere to go and we are fuelled by hope.
That we are empowered to live this life from today in a new way.
That the Lord is risen.
That it’s real Alleuia!

One thought on “Easter Sunday

  1. this comment doesn´t really belong here – but I am listening to the talks from Bare Island – postponed in the u-tube… I am raised a protestant …. I never heard this word Uchrist or Youchrist….. sounds like you-tube, just the christian version, like the Aerapagos peoble are talkting about Christfulness… I am trying to write an essay within timelimits, about meditation and mindfulness in the danish lutheran statechurch…. and I think this is the very essens, that I am lacking words to decsribe – there is tis swedish bishop who says that it is not so much about what you touch than what is touching you – I really need some explanation, or only to see the word spelled out – I reckon it is greek pronounced in the international irish way – hm…. I don´t know if this is a place to expect answes – anyway this place often helps a lot to make my day


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