Listening to your Teacher

I was listening to a talk of John Main’s this morning. I listen to one every day. I also take a daily aspirin. I forget all the good reasons why I take the aspirin, but I was told long ago it would be good for me. No one told me to listen to Fr John’s talks, but I know why I do and feel the good it does. It refreshes me, takes me back to the basic reason of my daily work which it is easy to forget. Like meditation itself, his talk relaunches me when that work gets complicated or overloaded. When it is an introductory talk he reiterates how to meditate. I have heard it many times but I never find it redundant or skip it. Although I know how to meditate as he taught and as I teach, repeated from the source of the experience it is inexhaustibly fresh and energising.

Like all true spiritual teaching that comes from experience, not second-hand ideas, each of his talks is like a flare shooting high into the sky and lighting up the dark surrounding countryside. If I repeat his thoughts afterwards, they lack that luminosity and intensity.

So, I began to write this entry in order to convey the profound inner vision and intimate

knowledge he was sharing. The radiance is still with me and makes a difference to my way of living today as every day. But in words alone I cannot convey this and so will not trouble you further.

But I hope I have pointed in the general direction of the source from which John Main taught. It is the same source in each of us. Otherwise we would not be able to recognise it when we heard it.

His key quote from the scriptures was:

‘So shall we at last arrive at the unity inherent in our faith, our full humanity measured by nothing less than the full stature of Christ’.

Laurence Freeman

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